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Thank You to All Who MadeThis Event Successful!

We are thrilled at the success of the concluded "Girls Re-wire The Industry" event. This achievement wasn't a solo endeavor but rather a symphony of collaborative efforts from various passionate individuals and organizations. It was with immense appreciation that we acknowledged those whose contributions had a lasting impact.

Special Note of Gratitude

Our partnership with The Girl Scouts of Central and Southern Jersey and Turner Construction served as the very foundation upon which this event stood. Their unyielding dedication and expertise enabled us to offer a program that was not only educational but also inspirational. We extended our sincere thanks to these pillars of support for their invaluable input and unwavering commitment to inspiring young women in the electric contracting sphere. Thank you also to Eastside High School for allowing us the use of their facilities, providing us with the perfect space for this event.

Thank You to Our Donors

Our ability to create such a dynamic and engaging event was greatly magnified by the support of our donors. We recognized the generosity of all of our donors, however, a special thank you goes to our Platinum, Gold, and Silver donors, whose contributions were integral to the experience we provided.

  • Platinum Donors: Your large-scale contributions were the keystones of our event, underpinning the very structure of the day's events.

  • Gold Donors: Your significant support greatly enriched our offerings, adding depth and breadth to our program.

  • Silver Donors: Your generous support greatly contributed to enriching our offerings, adding depth and breadth to our program.

Each gift however, regardless of its size, held substantial value in the execution of our initiative and the encouragement of the young women we aimed to serve.

For those who purchased one of the above-mentioned packages and have not received proper representation, we ask that you email and with your concern as well as your current logo so that you could be properly represented.

A Salute to Our Volunteers

Our volunteers deserve recognition for their selfless dedication. The impact of their efforts should not be understated – from logistical assistance to the tireless work that facilitates a seamless and well-organized event. Their enthusiasm and dedication did not just facilitate this event; they created an opportunity, a memory, and indeed, a possible turning point in many young lives.

As we celebrate the  success of "Girls Re-wiring The Industry," we do so with a vision towards the future – a future wherein we continue to foster inclusion and diversity in STEM. To everyone who made this event possible: thank you. It was with your support that were able to facilitate crucial steps toward broadening the horizons for the next generation of women.

Here’s to lighting up a path for young women in electrical contracting and engineering and to more fruitful collaborations in the future!

Re-Wire The Industry Proposal (2).png

Melissa Blair

Event Coordinator


(856) 350-6222


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